How to reach your goals in just 5 steps

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We’ve all been there. You’re doing the “mindset work” and your goals aren’t being achieved. You’re “manifesting” but nothing is happening. Because you forgot one vital step, taking aligned action.

There’s nothing worse than letting time pass on by, and you feel further and further from the goals you’ve created for yourself. I am here to help, which is why I am giving you access to the exact steps I walk my 1:1 clients through when they feel unaligned with their goals.


So… what does that even mean to take aligned action? It means that you have to find ways of making things work for YOU that you’re actually going to IMPLEMENT and take steps toward the end goal.

1. Be clear on your goal

It sounds easy but a lot of people miss this step. You cant truly work towards something if you’re not exactly sure what that is. Get really specific and keep narrowing it down til you’ve got a clear goal.

2. Get clear on your WHY

Know exactly why you want that goal. What will it bring to your life? More freedom, time, money, vacations? It’s crucial to connect to this.

A lot of people have a idea of why they want to do something but they’re still not connecting to it. This could be because your why might not actually align with the goal.

3. Be grateful for this thing already happening.

Here’s another part that can be a challenge. IF you believe in manifesting, the laws of the universe and that you are the co-creator of your life. You also have to BELIEVE to your core that this goal is already happening and be grateful before it even happens.

Kinda tough because it can feel a little too “out there” but this is my specialty 😉

4. Decide on the next small step

Pick a small step you can commit to that you actually believe you’re capable, worthy of. Something you know in your gut feels like a fit. Many times we know exactly what we WANT to be doing. We just tend to get in our own way. No time to let that happen.

5. Circle back to step one

When the doubt starts to creep in….because it likely will. Growth brings up some shit, buuuuutttt that’s what we want! If it stays buried in our subconscious, it runs the show.

Save this for when you’re doing your daily manifesting. It’s a system that I use for myself and my clients to get moving in the right direction.

Cheers to making your dreams come true this year!

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