Finding Joy Through Journaling: A Special Episode with My Daughter

Finding Joy Through Journaling: A Special Episode with My Daughter
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Today is very special as I have my lovely daughter Hadley here to talk about navigating emotions through journaling. We discuss the tough morning Hadley recently had, and how journaling helped to not only recognize what was bothering her but also to transform her day for the better. We also touch on the importance of having supportive people in your life and strategies to help you remind yourself to journal.

The other morning, Hadley came into our room feeling unusually sad. Typically, she wakes up in a pretty good mood, but I could tell something was off. I asked her if she wanted to journal with me. And if we’re being honest, she didn’t really want to at first, which is something I know many people can relate to, but we knew she didn’t want to stay sad, so she decided to try it with me.

Exploring feelings through journaling

As we started to journal, Hadley wasn’t sure what to write, which is what a lot of people feel when they think about journaling. We simply started with her emotions, “Today, I’m feeling sad.” As she wrote this, she realized she was missing her friends back in Pennsylvania and was sad about having finished all of her ice cream the night before, leaving no leftovers.

Turning the negatives into positives

After we figured out what was making her sad, I then asked her how she wanted to feel and how she wanted her day to go. We talked about how she could think more positively about these situations.

When it came to her friends, she said she could play Roblox together and felt grateful for her iPad, which keeps them connected. For her ice cream, she shared how she wanted to go back soon, and we ended up going the next day.

After Hadley had done her journaling, she went from being sad to feeling better. Writing down her thoughts helped her to eliminate those negative feelings. She decided what she wanted to focus on and chose to have a better day.

Giving yourself the nudge to journal again

When I asked her if she would journal again, she admitted she would probably need a little nudge, which is similar to a lot of my clients. When you’re feeling sad, angry, or frustrated, it’s hard to think about picking up your journal and writing about it. However, Hadley started to understand the value of journaling and gave some great advice. She said keeping it somewhere that is visible is a good way to remind herself to use it.

Navigating emotions with someone who can help

Hadley and I also talked about reaching out to someone who can help rather than dealing with your emotions alone. While some people prefer “tough love,” others need a more nurturing approach. So, it’s important to know who to reach out to for the type of support you need.

If you ever find yourself waking up to a rough day, journaling can be such a powerful tool, and you can start small. Write about how you’re feeling and how you would like to feel. Be sure to keep your journal in a spot that’s visible to remind yourself to use it. This simple act can help you stop dwelling on the negatives and focus on the positives.


  • Exploring feelings through journaling
  • Turning negatives into positives
  • Giving yourself the nudge to continue journaling
  • Finding the right support system


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