Imagine walking into a space that feels warm, inviting and luxurious. Mix that with the excitement of doing something you can’t believe is happening, but you're so happy it's finally here. Sure - you might be feeling the nerves, but call your best friend/sister/hype girl on the way because there’s no way you’re backing out!

What to expect

Step one

You show up with three outfits in hand

Don't worry - we plan these together! We'll talk about what you want your images to say and find outfits to match. Whether we're going for strong, sexy, classic, cool, the wardrobe says it all. And I'm all for a theme - as long as it screams VOGUE.

Step two

Hair and Makeup

You don't need a bit of pressure (or makeup knowledge) to get yourself ready - Kate has it covered! She'll highlight and contour in the most natural way that shows THE BEST version of you. You'll be wishing she could be a part of your daily routine.

Step three

The best blur you've ever been a part of

Flying through outfit changes, laughing nervously excitedly, and posing like a pro, all while feeling a little disbelief that you're actually doing this (who is SHE 👏🏻). Yes, I show you every pose and coach you the whole time, but don't be afraid to move and make it your own. There's no way I'm letting you look (or feel) stiff or uncomfortable! 

You leave feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD.

Step Four

The Reveal 

You'll come back the following week for your reveal and the excitement and invigoration happening while you look at your images is unmatched! 

Together, we narrow down to favorites that make you feel something you don't want to live without.

Albums to cherish for years, metal prints to hang as visual affirmations, and digital images to *a little obsessively* scroll through are the most gorgeous reminders of your courage/strength/beauty/insert feeling.

you're in the right place.

"I spent decades mentally and physically fighting with my body. I constantly second guessed it and wished things were different. I finally feel empowered by my body, extra postpartum weight and all, and wanted to celebrate that. Your body does not define your worth."

"This was an incredibly grounding and freeing experience for me. It removed a giant weight from my shoulders and reminded me who I really am, not the person I had been trying to be for someone else. I don't think I realized how much of my self-identity I had lost, and this photoshoot was a massive, positive wake-up call." 

It can be a tough decision to invest in yourself. But that's what it is - a decision.

It's time to decide that you’re worth the investment, then watch every other relationship in your life improve. A lot changes when you start to see yourself the way people who love you see you.

So instead of thinking, "do I want to spend this time and money photos of myself", try, "do I want to spend it on something that makes me feel this good?" That's a much easier, HECK YES!


but first

we created on your wall every day. You walk past it and are immediately reminded of the feeling of taking a chance on you. A client asked me if I thought it was vain - I see it as a visual affirmation that's impossible to ignore.

Now imagine yourself in five, ten, twenty years. You're a little older, wiser, kinder to yourself. You flip through your album and are again reminded of your youth, beauty, courage and that feeling. One of appreciating that woman for everything she's done for you.

Imagine seeing the artwork

let's have some fun

anything else

Life is too short for

to have fun

It's okay


It's okay to love yourself