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The podcast for women ready to go from doubting themselves to living a life of self-confidence and inspiration.

Join me weekly for real conversations, mindset shifts and new perspectives, inspiring interviews and so much more!


You like the idea of personal growth with a real world spin

You want someone to help stop the
spiral in your head

You love a good conversation and learning new things

You don't take life too seriously...but you get some shit done!

If you've leveled up any area of your life, you've likely run into some mindset blocks. You get in your head and then either decide to push through or tell yourself you never wanted the thing anyway. We have such a cool ability to talk ourselves into or out of anything. Here's your weekly reminder to pay attention to what you say.

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Hi, I'm Stacy.
Your BFF + New Mindset Coach.

I've been told I'm like a warm hug with the potential to change your entire life. Not my words so it's not a humble brag (or is it?) Either way, we all have moments where you need someone like me in your life. If you ever feel like you're not doing enough or the doubt creeps in, I'm your girl. 

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My superpower is helping you see yours. This world is full of strategies, frameworks and roadmaps that can inspire or make you feel less than.

If you have a dream or vision for your life, it's yours for a reason. It's meant for you! But that does mean the self doubt won't pop its little head in. You get to decide whether you'll let it take over or if you're able to shut it down. Through all the moments of coaching myself and the work I've done with clients, I can help you learn to shut it down. 

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Being aware of your mindset is the first and most important step. I get that people don't *want* to journal. But do you want to be stuck or get out of your own way?

A Guide to an Intentional Mindset

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