Reframing Imposter Syndrome for Growth

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We all know that feeling of the dreaded imposter syndrome. It’s having those feelings of not being good enough, feeling like a fraud, or feeling undeserving of the life or position you’re in. This can hold us back so much!

If you’re trying something new that’s out of your comfort zone, more than likely, you’re going to feel imposter syndrome. I went through this when I became a boudoir photographer, and then again when I decided to pivot to coaching. And I’ve actually learned how to embrace the imposter syndrome.

So, this post is dedicated to helping you reframe your thoughts around imposter syndrome. I’m giving you 5 exercises you can do when you’re feeling these feelings.

Position yourself out of your comfort zone

When you think about it, your brain is trying to keep you safe. It feels comfy there. I mean, it’s called comfort zone for a reason, right? For me, I have always tried to position myself out of my comfort zone. Every single thing I’ve done in my business has been out of my comfort zone and I knew I was doing it in the spirit of growing.

In fact, when I became more comfortable in these new spaces, I ended up having new comfort zones. That’s when I knew I was leveling up.

So, if something feels scary to you, whether it’s joining a new program, learning a new skill, or doing a boudoir photography session, pay attention to that because it might just be the thing you need to do.

Practice a confident pose

This one may seem a bit silly, but when you are having those feelings of imposter syndrome, here’s what I want you to do:

Stand in front of the mirror, pull your shoulders back, raise your chin a bit, put your hands on your hips, maybe smile or not (whatever feels the most confident to you), and just stand there for 2 minutes holding that pose.

There is something about changing the physical form of your body and putting it into a comfortable pose that will build your confidence. Maybe it will help you go live for the first time. Maybe it will give you the confidence to create a podcast or post a reel. Just try the pose for 2 minutes and train your brain with thoughts like, “I can do this” and “I belong here.” Whatever the thing is you can attach to it.

Give yourself a reality check

When you are about to spiral, or if you’re already there, there is nothing anyone else can say that can change the thoughts you’re having. We can end up saying the meanest things to ourselves and it can be hard to get out of that. However, I bet if you pay attention to the words you’re saying to yourself and actually write them down, you’ll realize just how negative those words are. Look at what you’re saying and think to yourself if you’d ever say that to someone else. Probably not!

So, for each of the negative things you’re saying, write down a nicer response. Maybe it’s, “I do belong here because I’m learning, or “My voice could help someone.” When you switch it in that way, it puts everything into perspective and really does help you to reframe your thoughts, which in turn, will help you get out of that spiral.

Have a place where you can brag on yourself

This could be in your email folder where you save emails or a folder on your phone. If you have testimonials or nice things people have said about you, screenshot those and save them to your folder. When you’re having those moments of imposter syndrome, you can go to this folder and remind yourself of all the kind things others have said about you and the transformations you’ve helped your clients get. I’m telling you, if you do that, you will feel so much better.

Journal your way through it

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone and being vulnerable, let your journal be that person for you. It’s the place where you can just let everything out. At the end of that journaling session, whether you resist it or not at the beginning, you will feel better. There is a release that comes from it. Not just the physical release but you also then have tactical things to work on. You can find where you’re being negative and switch those into more positive thoughts.

The power of journaling is not lost on me. It has changed so much about my life and it’s such an impactful way to get over imposter syndrome.

Embracing the growth

Imposter syndrome is probably never going to go away, but that’s okay because the point of it is you are going to have it when you are doing something new, and if you continue doing the same thing you’ve done up to this point, you won’t grow. I know you’re not that kind of person.

You share this feeling of imposter syndrome with even the most high-achieving people in the world because whenever someone is doing something new where they feel out of their comfort zone, it’s a sign they are pushing the limits. The key is to recognize it, reframe it, and then use it to propel you forward.


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