The Story Behind the Name Intentional

The Story Behind the Name Intentional
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Living with intention isn’t just about going through the motions; it’s about living with purpose and deliberate choices. I think that’s such a good way of living life in general, and when we were coming up with names for the podcast, intentional happiness kept coming to my mind.

It’s one of the biggest things people want in their lives whether it’s with their relationships, jobs, or bodies. And while I kept coming back to intentional happiness, I know that’s not aligned with everyone’s goals. Some people might be more success-focused or health-focused. You can truly make your life what you want it to be, so in the end, Intentional felt right for me. It’s something that is so simple, yet so empowering at the same time.

And because I feel it’s so important to live your life intentionally, I’m walking you through the biggest areas of my life where I feel like I’m the most intentional.

My Marriage

The biggest thing I am intentional with is my relationship with Tom. It’s so important to not let your relationship go. Yes, I’m a mom, but my relationship with my husband is the core of our family. When we are off, everyone feels it.

One of the things I try to do in our relationship is to do date nights, which to me, is really important. I know a date night isn’t always possible, so if we can’t have one, I always try to have good conversations or have some date night at home after the kids go to bed. My relationship with Tom is my most treasured relationship, and I want to make sure I’m fostering it.

My Kids

I’m also very intentional with our kids. Something I would love to do that I actually haven’t done yet is for Tom and me to spend one-on-one time with them with each of us. I truly think a date with your kids can be a mutually beneficial thing to do. Whether it’s going to the library, getting ice cream, or having lunch, the point is to make sure we’re spending time together.


I try to be intentional with gratitude. At dinner, we do something called 3-2-1. We go around the table and talk about 3 good things that happened in our day, 2 challenges, and 1 thing we’re looking forward to the next day. I know every family is different, but for our family, it’s really important to have a meal together and connect. Doing this can let you learn things about your kids you may not know otherwise. It also helps teach lessons about being respectful and listening, as well as ways to have good conversations.

Health and Nutrition

This is another area I feel I’m very intentional with. By no means am I saying it’s perfect, but I’ve been making sure to get into a routine so I know it will get done. Looking back on when I was in college, I had a very skewed view of health and nutrition. I thought running was the only way to work out and that I had to cut things out of my diet.

When I found strength training and counting macros, it was a huge game changer for me. I now love working out, I love being strong, and I love eating. I feel like I’m at a very healthy place with my nutrition and my workouts. Everything is from a very balanced perspective, and that’s what it’s all about – balance, strength, and feeling good in your body.


Anytime I’m in a conversation, I want them to be mutually beneficial. I know sometimes I may talk too much, so I try to be very aware of that. I am the type of person who has asked people before, “Do you want to be talking about this?” Anytime I have a conversation about something, I want to make sure we are both finding value in it.

My career

I have openly shared about the pivots I’ve made in my life. Being intentional about where you’re spending your time, your investment dollars, or the community you’re in is so important. If we are in a job we don’t enjoy, what are we doing there? For me, once I have an inkling that something doesn’t feel right, it’s so hard for me to stay in it. It’s about recognizing when it’s not a fit, and getting out as soon as you can.


Having boundaries around communication is something I feel very strongly about, especially with having cell phones. We let people come into our world whenever we want. You could be having the best day ever, and then you get a text or a phone call with information you aren’t ready to receive, and it could change your entire day. I don’t like allowing someone to change what I’m doing and what my plan was for the day or how I was feeling in the moment.

I do this for other people as well. If I want to talk to someone, I first ask them if they have time for a conversation either today or sometime during the week. You have to control your energy because you know that someone coming into your world and sharing what they have going on can potentially change how you show up. And you want to be mindful of that with other people too.

Reflect on where you are being most intentional

Where do you find you are really intentional in your life? Where do you feel like you’re just going through the motions and not giving it everything you want? I would love to know. Send me a DM on Instagram.

This is all about bringing that awareness to your life and then changing things. When you’re vulnerable and you get real with yourself to slow down and look at it all, that’s when you get to decide. Is this how you want to be spending your time or are there things you want to change?


  • Intentional living is about being deliberate and purposeful in various aspects of life.
  • Prioritizing relationships and setting boundaries around communication is essential for intentional living.
  • Practicing gratitude and fostering one-on-one connections with family members is a key aspect of intentional living.
  • Being intentional with fitness, nutrition, and career choices contributes to a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Reflecting on areas of life where intentional living is lacking and seeking opportunities for growth is important.


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