Navigating the Fight or Flight Response

Navigating the Fight or Flight Response
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It can be easy in our daily lives to encounter situations that trigger our fight or flight response. Whether you’re starting a new business, speaking in front of a bunch of people, or having a difficult conversation, knowing how to handle these feelings can help with personal growth.

In this episode, Tom and I are talking about where the fight or flight response comes from, why we experience it, how we can manage it, and how we can even use it to our advantage in some situations.

Understanding the fight or flight response

The fight or fight response is a natural reaction that is triggered by the brain when we feel like we are in danger. This goes all the way back to cavemen. Imagine them in their caves where they felt safe. Then they had to leave that safety net to find food. During their search for food, there were dangers, and they had to decide if they were going to fight those dangers or run away.

When we are in a situation and we perceive danger, our body functions actually produce chemicals, like adrenaline and cortisol, that help us cope with these situations. And while these chemicals can be beneficial, they can also end up leaving us feeling stressed and anxious if we don’t know how to manage it effectively.

Tools to manage fight or flight

I used to be the person who would avoid anything that scared me. However, I have learned the proper tools to manage these feelings and to calm my nervous system. One of the biggest things that has truly changed my life is journaling. It not only helps give me clarity on what’s going on but also gets me to the root of the problem. It’s been a really healthy way of managing everything for me.

Other effective techniques are deep breathing, meditation, exercise, and getting the proper amount of sleep. By proactively addressing our stressors, we can prevent getting stuck in a constant state of fight or flight.

Getting out of your comfort zone

Growth feels scary, no matter what kind of growth it is, but facing these challenges head-on and getting out of our comfort zone is essential for self-improvement. If we can adopt this mindset of resilience and determination, we can overcome these obstacles and achieve our goals.


  • What triggers the fight or flight response
  • Understanding the impact of fight or flight both physically and mentally
  • How to use fight or flight for growth
  • Techniques to use to help manage fight or flight



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