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A breakdown can happen to anyone, but knowing how to take those moments and turn them into a breakthrough can turn so many things around for you. Through my experiences with them, I have learned how to navigate it with vulnerability so that I can view my “failures” as learning experiences. It’s important to lean on those you trust for support and to pay attention to how others opinions make you feel to help determine your next steps.

Having people to Lean on

My go-to person is usually Tom. And it’s always interesting because he is someone who, obviously being the person that’s around me the most, he is very in tune to, is this thing that you’re working on? Is it feeling good to you? Because once he says that, I really pay attention to how that makes me feel. And it’s like, if I have this feeling of relief, then I kind of have my answer. But if I have this feeling where I’m defending what my project is or what I’m working on, then I also have my answer to keep moving forward.

No matter who the person is, I think it’s really important to have someone to go to. But really pay attention to not only the words they say, but when they give you their words, their opinion, their feedback, pay attention to how it makes you feel. And in there you will find your answer.

Let me take a breath and reset

It was a random Tuesday. I’m just not feeling good that day. Social media is feeling like a struggle. My offers were feeling like a struggle. I think at the time I was putting together a group coaching program and it was just not feeling good and everything felt forced, and it was just bringing up all these feelings of I just really don’t know if I should be doing this.

My mom was in town during this and she saw me feeling down. While we were at the dinner table my youngest son says to me “Mimi said that you make her sad”, And I was like, what? And then she looks at him like, you weren’t supposed to say anything.

But it’s funny to see someone see it from the outside, from their perspective. And to me, it was literally just like a tiny little blip. It was like, no, I’ve had so many, so many worse breakdowns than this. This one was nothing. The cool thing is during each of these moments, I have carried this one thought with me:

Let me take a breath and reset. 

Navigating a breakdown with self-care

It might feel counterintuitive, but practicing self care is going to get you through it. I know it’s like the last thing you probably wanna be doing, but your self care can look very easy. It doesn’t have to be a whole day off. It can be a walk. It can be journaling. It can feel like getting a massage.

Whatever makes you feel really good so that you can go back, decompress a little bit and reset and decide what you need to be doing next. And I know that even though it’s the last thing you want to be doing because you feel like you should be pushing more and doing more. I will tell you that practicing a little bit of self care during a breakdown goes so far for your clarity, for your mental health, for just kind of this cleansing of all of your thoughts.

It’s something that I resisted for a long time, but now I am all on board. My self -care looks like sitting in my hammock, reading something nonfiction or fiction, going for a walk. Those are probably, and meditating.

My invitation to you

My invitation to you today is to think about all of your breakthrough moments. And of course, this could be a perfect little journaling exercise. I would try to think back to your moments, your lowest moments. What were you feeling? What were you experiencing? What was going on in your life? What was feeling messy? And then what came out of that situation? Was there clarity? Did you find something new that fit you better? Did you find newfound confidence? Did you learn something?

because if you think back to anything and instead of focusing on the breakdowns focusing on the breakthroughs that’s going to give you this sense of confidence it’s going to give you that sense of reassurance and instead of having all this self-doubt.

And then you can think instead, I am resilient. I am brave. I have done so much in my life and every choice that I have made has led me right to this position that I’m in right now.


  • Having a breakdown is a normal part of the entrepreneurial journey
  • Lean on those you trust to help navigate through a breakdown
  • Pay attention to how others’ opinions make you feel to determine your next steps.
  • Practicing self-care during breakdowns can provide clarity and mental health benefits.
  • Breaking down goals into smaller steps can help regain momentum and confidence.


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