Reclaiming Fun in Business With Abby Desantis

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On today’s episode is Abby Desantis, the owner of Meals with Abs, a healthy meal prep service in Erie, Pennsylvania. I know Abby because when I lived in Pennsylvania I would order from her, it was an easy and healthy option that made meals enjoyable again. Because cooking and grocery shopping was just something I didn’t want to think about. After connecting that way and through social media, when Abby saw that I shifted to mindset coaching she wanted to work together. She was struggling with some decisions within her business and after working together her she is reaching so many goals she thought she wouldn’t have otherwise!

Feeling stuck

When Abby started her business in 2021 it was booming, thriving. Part of her was thinking “how is this happening”, but within this past year it started to slow down, and imposter syndrome started to creep in. She was starting to blame it on external things like “do people not like my food? Are my prices the problem?” At a point where she was wondering if her business was something that would surrvive.

Abby says that she remembers going on instagram and seeing a something I had posted and thought “okay, yes. Like I trust Stacy. Like, I’m gonna like try to do something like that because I believe in mindset so much.” She knew she didn’t want to give up.

The Fork in the Road

After working together, Abby’s business is doing amazing, she is doing amazing. But when she came to me it was because she knew she had to change her mindset. It’s easy to fall off the wagon when it comes to working on your mindset, but she was fully aware that it’s an ongoing process.

She was at a fork in the road thinking, “Am I going to kill the plant or am I gonna keep watering it? And when we relate it that way, it’s like, well, yeah, obviously I’m going to keep watering it because this is what I wanted.”

Guilt with Entrepreneurship

During the time where she wasn’t sure what to do within her business, she had thoughts of getting a job because orders were starting to be lesser. But I wanted to bring her back and ask her “why did you like decide to do this?” and she wanted that flexibility. That alone proves that getting a job was not what she wanted, she wanted her business to give her the freedom that a “regular job” wouldn’t.

There’s a story she told me about going somewhere because she wanted to do something for herself, but she had this feeling of “no I shouldn’t give myself this break because I should be working”. But that’s exactly the opposite of why she has a business. In order to be good business owners, we have to be good to ourselves.

Why She didn’t give up, reclaiming the fun

“The number one reason why I didn’t give up is because I love it so much. We help like everyone from like college students to like elderly people. And it’s also something that selfishly I love to do is cooking.” And her business changed when she stopped seeing that she didn’t really have a relationship with he clients. Because at the time she thought “I’m cooking food and people are picking it up.” and that’s that.

Then she started to connect with her clients and show more of personality online, because people want to buy from people. Since working together abby has been featured on the news, listed as 40 under 40 in Erie, PA, and been able to raise her prices!

Where you can find Abby

Instagram: @mealswithabs


Website: https://www.mealswithabs.com/


  • Mindset coaching can help shift perspective and find joy in work
  • Identifying and rewiring limiting beliefs is crucial for personal and business growth
  • Focusing on energy and authenticity can improve business success
  • Developing a positive money mindset is important for financial abundance
  • Self-care and celebrating small wins are essential for maintaining motivation and happiness


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