My Top 3 Steps To Crushing Your Goals (and stop holding yourself back)

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Entrepreneurship shouldn’t feel so hard. But for lots of us, it does🙋‍♀️ Me included. I’m not here to pretend I have an overnight solution that will solve all your problems and turn you into a mindset expert on the spot (a girl can dream). BUT, what I do have are some simple solutions so you can start crushing your goals. These are what I personally used to stop spinning my wheels, overthinking everything and wasting time doubting myself. Instead I started believing in myself, pushed myself OUT of my comfort zone and actually started seeing the growth I wanted in my business.

The best part? They’re SIMPLE, you can start taking action on them TODAY, and they’re FREE🥳



1. Find Your Limiting Beliefs

Find where your limiting beliefs are. Think of a desire you have, write down the desire in the form of “I want ______, but _____ and see what things come up for you (and there might be many). These are your limiting beliefs. These are the thoughts that are keeping you small and stuck.  

2. Switch from a “but” to an “and”

Switch the exercise from a “but” to an “and” for each of the limiting beliefs/excuses/reasons – and we all have them. The sooner we know it, the sooner we can get through them. So now, write down “I want _____ and ____.” Here’s where you want to find evidence in support of what you want to do. If someone else has done it, that means you can too. 

3. Create Affirmations

Create these affirmations and practice them as much as you can. Write them, speak them, think them. Anytime a negative thought comes up that threatens to shut you down, switch it with a positive one and see how it changes your energy. 

When the energy starts changing is when you will be inching closer to crushing your goals!

Now for the kicker…YOU’VE GOT TO ACTUALLY DO IT 😬🙌 

So your challenge today is to stop what you’re doing, take 5 minutes and see what’s really holding you back. Because if you aren’t really aware of what your subconscious mind is thinking, you’re letting it run the show without even knowing where it wants to go. And these 3 steps will be your ticket to something better.

I’m telling you – this is such a small, yet powerful exercise and just the beginning of what you’ll find inside The Mindset Membership.

I asked a client this same type of thing on a call and we uncovered that she didn’t even believe her prices were worth what she was charging. She couldn’t even SAY the number. Believe me, if you can’t say it – your potential clients can feel that. If you don’t think it’s worth it, why should they? 

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