Shifting Your Mindset – A Powerful Skill to Pursue Your Dreams

Shifting Your Mindset - A Powerful Skill to Pursue Your Dreams
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Shifting your mindset isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a learned skill that takes time and practice. It’s all about putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and deciding if you’re going to let the fear take over or if you will push forward and pursue what you desire.

One of the most crucial parts of mindset work is not only practicing it, but also maintaining it. I have Tom back today, and during our conversation, we both share our most recent experiences with our mindset work. From Tom leaving a job he didn’t feel aligned with to my doubts when I transitioned into mindset coaching, we discuss what we did to shift our thoughts to something that was more positive.

Tom’s most recent experience with shifting his mindsetQuitting his job

Tom and I have gone through many changes that were out of our comfort zone, including our recent move to Colorado, but one that was big, specifically for Tom was deciding to quit his job that he didn’t feel aligned with. The safe and comforting thing would’ve been to just stay at his job and deal with it, even though he wasn’t happy, but that’s not what he chose to do.

While he had a bit of doubt the day he walked in to quit, he was able to shift his mindset. Rather than focusing on his walk-in, he decided to focus on his walk-out, knowing that his difficult decision would only last 10 minutes. He focused on knowing that once that was over, everything would be better because of it.

My most recent experience with shifting my mindsetBecoming a mindset coach

I was thinking about my most recent moment of doubt, and it was when I had this desire to become a mindset coach. I knew I was already helping people and felt so aligned. However, I had those moments where I wondered if I was really qualified enough to do this.

That was the moment I started to journal and asking myself if these thoughts were actually true. Was I able to find evidence of how I’ve already helped people? And there was evidence, so that’s what I decided to focus on.

The importance of maintaining your mindset work

Mindset work isn’t something that you do and it’s fixed. There will always be new fears and doubts that come up. Like Tom says, your mindset is like a car. There’s always work that needs to be done to keep it going.

Your mind is super powerful. You can let it either push you forward or hold you back. When you’re in control of your mindset, you can make sure you’re doing things that feel really good to you.

In this episode, you can look forward to:

  • Why we need to practice shifting our mindsets, especially in uncomfortable situations
  • The importance of recognizing and quickly shifting out of moments of doubt
  • Making decisions based on the future
  • Tom’s experience of quitting a job that he didn’t feel aligned with, and how he shifted his mindset from fear to focusing on the positive outcome
  • How I overcame the doubt and fear when I transitioned to mindset coaching
  • The importance of maintaining your mindset

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