$349 - 60 minutes 

Is your photography business feeling a little *lonely*? We all deal with the same struggles, but you don't have to deal with them by yourself. Every time I invested in any sort of coaching, I gained clarity and my business grew because of it. Get ready to leave the call with a PLAN and feel inspired to take ACTION! I can't wait!!

1:1 Coaching Call With Stacy 

"My favorite part about working with Stacy has been having safety in asking endless questions and receiving open and honest support and feedback. Stacy has allowed me to come as I am, (not feeling super prepared or ready), but she has taught me SO much in such a short amount of time. If I hadn't invested in this program, it would have taken me many years of trial and error to figure out the systems she created to have a successful business. Stacy's energy and enthusiasm in every small win I had throughout the program truly boosted my confidence and amplified my courage as a new business entrepreneur. I am grateful to have met such an incredible person who I trust as I am starting such an intimidating lifestyle change as a business owner. Thank you, thank you, thank you Stacy."

What we can cover during our call:

  • Mindset blocks: we all have them, especially when it comes to raising your prices.
  • Your pricing menu: stuck on what to offer to help your clients say YES?
  • Messaging: what to say to attract the RIGHT clients and lose the price shoppers.
  • Just feeling stuck? I get it. I've been there and worked through it. Having a coach in your corner is invaluable!