a self-paced course

Let's Take the Intimidation Out of Boudoir Photography

Learn how to attract the right clients, provide an amazing luxury experience and deliver gorgeous images and products - without feeling scared or "salesy"!

Whether you're ready to add boudoir to your photography services or would love to go full time, you're in the right place!

You don't have to do it alone.

What if you could book your calendar full of dream clients?

The kind who rave about their experience with you and invest 4-figures because you make them feel so great! All while cutting back on evening and Saturday shoots - unless that's your thing, of course!


How it works

proven road map

Follow a step-by-step plan to build or grow your boudoir photography business. It's YOUR turn!


Guides, fill-in-the-blank templates, BTS videos and so much more - all in one place and ready to help you. succeed!

Get results

Become the go-to boudoir photographer in your area... the market is NOT saturated. Let's discover your edge!

i want in!

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

I talked myself out of shooting boudoir for so long..

because I was way too worried about everyone else. I had done all other types of photography but this one felt very different. My head was filled with doubt...

"I don't know how to design and sell albums and prints."

"What if no one lets me share their photos?"

"There are so many photographers doing the same thing."

"How can I even pose my clients so they feel comfortable?"


FRUSTRATED with price shoppers

Tired of hearing price objections when you're only charging $300? What if I told you that you could get that same person that said no to $300 to say yes to $3,000?

OVERWHELMED BY in-person sales

Do calls with clients give you anxiety? Get my step by step call script that'll get you booking clients right on the call. Start selling from the beginning so the in-person part is a breeze!

NOT SURE HOW TO pose seamlessly

Does your mind go blank mid session? Getting stressed on what pose to do next? I've created a posing guide with a BTS video that will have you feeling confident in your posing direction during boudoir sessions.


  1. marketing + branding
  2. posing
  3. client experience
  4. editing
  5. the reveal
  6. social media

what's inside


  • Email list tutorial and templates
  • voucher program with template
  • expo/ table checklist
  • posing guide with 1 hour bts video
  • consult call script
  • workflow email templates
  • wardrobe guide template
  • caption and cta's for social media templates
  • instagram canva templates

where do i sign up?

- MK

If you're looking for a high quality coach that keeps it simple - Stacy is for you! I've never felt so inspired to push boudoir more. I've also started seeing confidence increase and bookings are increasing.

"I booked my middle collection with a first time client, and I have a fully booked month of boudoir sessions this month!

on track to go full time with boudoir

This could be you....

"It opened my eyes to that boudoir doesn't have to be pure SEX. It can be about bringing out the strong, powerful, feminine energy every woman encompasses."

Finding her style

"I just sold for the first time ever my highest package at $4,440"

First time wins in the program


i know what it is like to want something so badly

but wonder if it can work for YOU.

I've felt all the mindset blocks and have built my own confidence through my business. If you're willing to put in the work, I'm here to offer you all of my strategy with just as much hype! Let yourself imagine how amazing it can be to build a business you love full of dream clients who rave about their experience with you to all their friends.

i'm so ready!

"I love how you were so gentle during this entire program rather than all up in our business harassing us all of the time!"

YOUR ENERGY! I love how you were so gentle during this entire program rather than all up in our business harassing us all of the time! You let us pull back and implement what you taught us and left the floor open for questions while reminding us that you were always there for support! 

- AJ