Mindset Mini 1:1

You may be intrigued, you may be doubtful, but you also know something is *off*. You're curious to try but not ready to go all in. Here's an easy way to find out if mindset coaching is your missing piece.

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Just imagine what could happen

If you invested 60 minutes in yourself

You've been stuck but you're so ready for that to change. Together we see where you've been holding back and get you on a path to letting it all go. It has to feel good to you or it won't work for you. You'll walk away from this week with a plan to take action that will lead you one step closer to your goals.

- ashley j

"DO NOT HESITATE! She has been a godsend to work with over these last 3 months and my business is thriving so much more because of her! "


Stuck in your life and business

You just know there has to be an easier way. It doesn't always have to feel this frustrating. These feelings lead to burnout and we don't want that!

The SPIN from strategy chasing

The overwhelm of all the different ways you can build your business and all the ways that people say you "should".

Annoyed with yourself 

Been there. Too many times. The feeling of "why can't I just figure it all out" and a lot of breakdowns. Now I know how to mange them...for me and for you.

LET'S DO it!

Your future self is already thanking you

Included in the Mindset Mini is a 60 minute virtual call and 4 days of Voxer communication to help you continue on the right path after our call.

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- ashley k

"Stacy is authentic and kind; a wonderful combination to learn from. I am SO happy I made this investment. "