It's your job to make them feel comfortable in front of your camera. Forgetting poses or getting stuck isn't an option and that won't happen with this guide in your back pocket. Give your clients such an amazing experience, they can't wait to refer you to their friends. 

The Luxury Boudoir Posing Guide

Your clients will be can't afford to be.

Flow easily through a session. No awkwardness here.

Create the art they're PROUD to share.

Make your clients look and FEEL natural.

Fill your portfolio with stunning images.

What if you could...

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Inside I walk you through each sequence that I take my clients through. It's not just a pose name and some examples, it's word-for-word how I guide my clients! You'll also find tips on little details to pay attention to for really natural photos. There's nothing like an awkwardly placed hand or foot to ruin an image. If you want to create artwork for your clients, it starts with the images.


What's inside

If you send your gallery and clients aren't purchasing artwork every single time, you're missing an opportunity. For you and for them. With this guide, you'll be creating images that clients want to display on their walls...and yes, show their girlfriends. We are creating ART that we're proud to show off!

Go behind the scenes with me to see exactly how I pose my clients. It's seamless, it flows and it's never awkward. 

You'll be creating images that clients want to hang on their walls. Not only 

Luxury Boudoir Posing Guide

"I watched half of the video and skimmed the guide before my sessions yesterday! Such a game changer! I didn't feel like I was floundering between poses. The transition to each new pose was easy and having the verbiage to pull from was amazing. "

Why it's so good:

  • STEP-BY-STEP direction showing you exactly how to coach your clients into every pose.
  • NEVER GET STUCK with this flow and get variety out of each pose.
  • CREATE IMAGES that sell themselves and that clients are PROUD to display.
  • THE TOP 5 details to pay attention to in every pose to get flawless images. 
  • ENSURE your clients feel comfortable so they look natural, even if they're "totally awkward"