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Ok, I just LOVE when I have a client who is EXCITED for her shoot! I know that a lot of us have nerves and I can totally work with that. You’ll be fine – promise. But if you’re just ready to sit in the excitement of what a shoot can do for you, sign me up! When it comes to your session there are so many things that come together for it. But if you’re ever wondering what to wear for a boudoir shoot, G might just spark some inspiration! And if it does, be sure to start pinning for easy reference!

Stacy Musgrave | A session to inspire what to wear for a boudoir shoot | Inquire Here

The prep

Before your boudoir session, it is SO important to feel your best. If you’ve looked through your closet and nothing is speaking to you, and you’re still wondering what to wear to a boudoir shoot, adding a few new pieces can always be fun. I always say that it can be simple and easy, but if you’re not down for simple, find new pieces of clothing that make you feel your best. Think about this experience like you would a vacation. Plan your outfits, find a day to get your nails done, schedule in a hair appointment. Do things that make you feel so excited and prepared to show up!

I never want the feelings of doubt to creep up as you walk into my studio doors. Which is why you will get pampered and be fully taken care of! For every session, I have Kate do makeup for clients. I swear she nails it every single time, it’s so hard to take the makeup off after the session! For this session, we pulled Allie in for hair and she got G’s hair perfect for the camera. Look at that texture!

My thoughts

I was so excited to hear that G wanted to book a shoot because her friends told me how AMAZING she was and how she was going to be a bombshell in front of the camera. They weren’t wrong! I feel like her outfits say it all – leather gloves with jewelry, THAT ROBE, and a personalized bottle of vodka to celebrate turning 30! A lot of us need inspiration for something like this, which helps so much if you’re wondering what to wear for a boudoir shoot.

It’s an interesting perspective as a photographer to work with a client who everyone sees as super confident. I think a lot of people forget that confidence and insecurities come in all forms and all of us are entitled to have them – we just have to make sure they’re not letting them hold us back.

When I heard that G had even a slight insecurity, it took me a minute to connect that with what I saw in the studio. She’s clearly someone who doesn’t let insecurities hold her back and I know we could all learn a lesson there. In her review, G said she felt like the hottest version of herself and I think that’s a huge testament to this whole experience! I absolutely love that I get to help all women, confident and not so confident, feel like the hottest version of themselves. We all deserve it and I know most of us don’t feel that enough.

A moment for the robe

In her words

“I would rate this experience a 10/10 one hundred times over if I could. I had always known that I wanted to do a boudoir shoot, but the opportunities that I had in the past never felt right to me. I’ll be turning 30 in March of this year and that’s changed my mindset on some factors in my life. 2023 is my “selfish” year and I’m doing things that I want to do for myself! This experience was the best way to kick off the year for me.

The way I felt after having my photos taken was amazing. I’m pretty confident in myself, but there was a small level of insecurity there as my body type isn’t typically what you see for boudoir photos. With that being said, Stacy made me feel so comfortable. Those uneasy feelings went right out the window! I truly felt like the hottest version of myself in that moment.

At one point during my shoot, I had to tell Stacy that every time she talked to me, I was going to smile. She was hyping me up and I couldn’t help it! Stacy’s work speaks for itself. After seeing my photos at my reveal, I couldn’t believe that the photos were of me. I’m truly so impressed with her and her craft. I never thought I would want to show EVERYONE photos of myself like this, but that’s exactly what I want to do! Every woman deserves to feel like this. I cannot say thank you enough to Stacy for giving me an experience that I’m going to cherish for the rest of my life.”

As an Erie, PA boudoir photographer I pride myself on being someone who focuses on making these images that you would SHOW people. It seems taboo to want to show your friends photos of you in see-through lace. But that’s the goal. A transforming experience for women.

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