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Woman laying on floor in black lingerie

K found my instagram page through a giveaway and didn’t even wait to know the winner because she was READY to book. I think she said something like, “I never win these things, but definitely want to do a boudoir shoot with you anyway!” I mean –  talk about a woman who just knows what she wants.

She was traveling from Pittsburgh for her photoshoot, which, by the way, is just a quick 2-hour trip North *ahem*. I remember having to reschedule at least two times. It seemed like there was a snowstorm right before every date we picked. And we’re talking feet of snow, so no way it was happening. 

When we finally made a date work out, she was so excited, yet calm. We were both just happy we didn’t have to reschedule again. K showed up with a box of Dunkin’ coffee for us and donut holes that she said to give to my kids. My heart!

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Woman dressed in Calvin Klein sitting in a chair

All morning, though, I was freaking out behind the scenes because we ran out of propane. Now, not a huge problem because we have a backup heat source. So why was I freaking out? The propane heats the floor. The floor that K would have to walk on with bare feet, sit on, lie down on. And remember we’re talking about Erie. I’ve even had clients gasp a little in shock when their bare back hits the floor in the summer!

The best part of it all? K was amazing. So understanding, kind, and such a trooper. Couldn’t have happened with a better client in my opinion. The quote of hers that I’m so appreciative for and will stick with me forever: “Stacy, I would lie down in the snow for the shot if you told me to.”

Woman in black bra laying on a bed

I’m so thankful for the trust my clients put in me and it’s no exception here. We created such awesome images that showcase a badass, beautiful, strong, tattooed woman. And luckily she didn’t have to lie down in the snow – although it probably felt like it! 

To K: Thank you for being understanding and all-around amazing. Working with you was so fun and you were a natural in front of the camera! I hope you come back to the studio so we can make the next one even better!! And if you’re like most people who love tattoos, you probably have some more by now that we need to document 😉 – Stacy

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