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If you’re getting married soon and want to ditch the classic watch as a gift, have you considered a bridal boudoir session? It will immediately take something off of your very long to-do list, and we know that sounds amazing.

The thing you maybe haven’t considered is the overwhelming confidence you’ll be taking into your wedding day. You’re preparing for a day where it’s pretty much all eyes on you (and your spouse)! To know that you’re walking down that aisle as your most confident self can give you a big sense of reassurance. Yes, it’s such a fun gift for your special someone, but it’s also a gift to yourself. Something to focus your attention on that doesn’t involve a seating chart, a dress choice, or anything else that adds a bit of stress.

Although this may be for your wedding, I don’t recommend making the entire session bridal. Little details like white lingerie or adding in your veil give it a nod to bridal, but still make it feel like you. Think about adding in other pieces to your wardrobe that gives variety and tells a story.

The album we design can start with images that are more covered and lead to ones that are…less. Whatever we create from your favorite images, you’ll have a beautiful wedding gift that you’re super excited and proud to share.

I know that doing a boudoir shoot is something that can sound exciting and maybe even a little scary. I also know that sometimes as women we look for an excuse to treat ourselves that makes us feel better about our choice. Making the time in your calendar for a bridal boudoir session is the perfect way to add in excitement, confidence, and a really unique gift – to you and your spouse!

Black and white Bridal boudoir photoshoot

How beautiful are these!! Her veil was so fun to add to some images.

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