Boudoir session in a white button up

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This session definitely stands out as one of my favorites. M came to me because she was getting married and needed a gift for her soon-to-be husband. We checked off that item, but what she got was so much more – an experience all about her. Vogue-esque images, and a whole lot of confidence going into her wedding day. Read her testimonial at the end of this post.

First, we started off with hair and makeup. Where M and Kate talked about an Australian look – very fresh, dewy and natural. Think summer vibes with the best glow.

She showed up with three minimal outfits that made the shoot feel easy and streamlined. A white button up shirt (my favorite from Amazon, linked here), a silk white slip with a beautiful lace side detail, and a super pretty bra and underwear set that almost made me want to shoot in color. Even though you can’t tell. It was the coolest blend of orange and pink that worked so well with the florals. It’s so important if you’re buying new items for your shoot, to choose things you actually love. Color doesn’t matter, but make it something you’ll want to have in your wardrobe!

black and white image of woman posing in a white button up

First Outfit: The White Button up Shirt

This option is a classic and a great piece to start in. It’s long enough to give you coverage without anything under it. At first, M commented that it felt short, (because she has the most gorgeous, long legs), but you can see it obviously works perfectly with differing heights! Then, we pulled out the fan for the sitting floor set and I’m obsessed with the collar bone details with the white button up shirt shrugged off.

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Second Outfit: White Slip

After the white shirt, we moved to the slip, which is simple, beautiful, and feels very bridal without overdoing anything. Side note: If you’re feeling at all self-conscious about your midsection, something like this is a great addition. I love how it drapes and flows with the curves we highlight through posing.

Third Outfit: Bra and Underwear Set

I always love this next shot from both a front and back angle, with the ring being a fun little addition. We finished up M’s shoot with the lingerie set and then went into the sheets. I always ask whether you’re open to sheets/nude and the answer is usually, “well, I might as well try it since I’m here.” It’s 100% your comfort level, absolutely no pressure from me, and makes for some of the most beautiful artwork that’s focused completely on you.

I’d give my experience an 11/10!! I went into the shoot feeling nervous and worried that I’d be disappointed or self conscious about my body. Stacy did such a great job in putting me at ease and helping me trust myself during the shoot, allowing me to relax, feel confident and just have fun with it! I left feeling like I had just conquered the world’s biggest roller coaster: it was such a huge adrenaline rush and I couldn’t stop smiling and couldn’t wait to find an excuse to do something like this again!

When Stacy and I first met, she mentioned how some of her clients have felt so good about their photos that they would want to hang a print in their house. I thought, “there is absolutely no way I could feel that confident to do something like that,” but once I got the photos in – I 1000% get it. I didn’t just get these photos that look amazing and artistic – I’d also gained a new sense of confidence in my self and my body image. I can’t thank you enough for how helpful you had been in easing my nerves throughout the process and for helping me embrace this new side of me.

Stacy Musgrave

Erie, PA boudoir photographer |  Empowering women to feel confident and sexy through a comfortable, fun, luxury photoshoot experience.